Five Easy-To-Care for House Plants To Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Did you know that adding a few household plants to your Fort Dodge area home or business can reduce mental stress and anxiety up to 50 percent?  And with the long brutal winter upon us, what better time to beautify your home with vibrant greenery than right now. Several studies show that plants make us feel more comfortable and relaxed, improving our mood and cognitive skills. This makes sense since many of us feel less stressed outdoors and involved in nature. But what if, like me, you don’t exactly have a green thumb and aren’t sure you will have the time to care for and nurture these plants? Below are five easy to care for plants that will help improve your mood without causing anxiety regarding their care.potted jade plant

Jade Plant

 A symbol of good luck, Jade plants are one of the easiest yet attractive houseplants to grow. With their thick, woody stems and green, waxy, oval-shaped leaves, they mimic the appearance of a small tree. They fall into the family of succulents and do not require a lot of water. Jade plants prefer bright light and temperatures hovering in the low 70s, making them perfect for being inside a house or business. While they can go several weeks without water, you don’t want to allow them to dry out completely. These hardy growers can live quite a long time, up to 70 or 80 years old. So, if the plant starts to get too big, plant it in a larger pot giving it more room to grow.

ZZ Plant

No time to care for indoor plants? The ZZ plant is for you. The ZZ plant is one of the hardiest plants alive able to go for long periods without water and sunlight. It boasts wide, waxy, dark green leaves that are smooth to the touch. According to NASA research, this robust plant acts as an air purifier ridding your Fort Dodge home of toxins. One thing to keep in mind regarding the ZZ plant is that it is poisonous if ingested and may not be the most suitable plant for pets and small children. But for the office or single homeowner? It becomes the perfect house companion.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is another popular choice for Fort Dodge area homes and offices. Like the ZZ plant, peace lilies help purify the air. Its large, attractive dark green leaves complement its delicate, white cupped flower. It can do well in a wide range of light conditions, including full and indirect. One of the most common mistakes when taking care of the peace lily is overwatering. This sturdy, glossy leafed plant is far more tolerant of underwatering. Soil should be kept moist but not soggy and should be dried out between waterings. Since the wide leaves on peace lilies tend to be a dust magnet, you should either wash or wipe down the leaves at least once a year.


Known for its trailing vines, the pothos plant can often be seen lining bookcases, shelves, and stairways. It is nicknamed the ‘cubicle plant’ because it can easily fit on your desk and not overgrow its container. It’s a great plant for beginners and can tolerate a variety of environments, including dorm rooms and bathrooms. However, because only the green parts of the leaves can make energy, they must receive enough light to grow. Pothos plants are popular and can be grown in water vases or potting soil. It contains bright, waxy leaves in the shape of a pointed heart, and it too helps cleanse the air. However, like the ZZ plant, it can be toxic to small children and pets. While it’s not considered fatal, it can make them sick.

Snake Plant

You can’t have a blog that talks about easy to care for house plants without mentioning the snake plant. This almost impossible to kill house plant can go for weeks at a time without water and requires very little sunlight. They possess stiff green leaves that range from six inches to eight feet tall, depending on the variety. There are approximately 70 different varieties but the most well-known features a yellow border along the edges of its thick, hardy leaves. Place them in a spot that receives indirect sunlight and allow them to dry out in between watering. Snake plants, too, are toxic if ingested.

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