Fort Dodge

Our team here at Smitty’s Lawn and Landscape has proudly and happily served Fort Dodge for over 15 years. Knowing how rich and special the soil is here, we work with it regularly and know all the lawn and soil needs of our community. We are proud to call this town home and are happy to take care of your lawn and landscaping as if it were our own.

Fort Dodge is also home to our Garden Center, considered a gardener’s paradise with accessories, fruits, vegetables, annuals, trees, shrubs, and garden decor. Anything you can imagine for your lawn and garden, we can provide. 

Lawn Care in Fort Dodge

Smitty’s Lawn and Landscaping takes massive pride in our services. We offer three specialty lawn care plans that cover everything you can possibly imagine, from the basics of fertilizer and grub and weed control all the way to premium treatment, including pH balancing and regular soil tests

 Outside of our core lawn packages, we also perform the following services:

  • Lawn aeration.
  • Dethatching so air and water can reach the roots of your grass.
  • Mulch top-dressing.
  • Lime application to regulate pH levels.
  • Lawn disease and grub control.
  • Ornamental bed weed control.
  • Annual planters and beds.

We also offer seasonal clean-up services for both fall and spring. We are happy to design these clean-up services and routine maintenance around your lawn’s specific needs, and we will gladly adjust them to fit your schedule as well.

Landscape and Design in Fort Dodge

When you partner with Smitty’s Lawn and Landscape, we work for you and with you to create the yard of your dreams. Our skilled design team takes what you want and brings it into the real world.

Our comprehensive landscape design process works like this:

  • Site analysis, where we get to know you and your lawn and take measurements to figure out the guidelines.
  • Concept, where a drawing may be shown to discuss movement, color, space, and materials.
  • Design and estimate, where our creativity is shown through a 3D model of your property and construction expectations, and a given estimate is established.
  • Installation, where we communicate swiftly and effectively to turn your landscape into a work of art. 

We handle both soft scape elements, like plants and trees, and hardscape elements, like patios and retaining walls. We can’t wait to show off our unique and effective landscaping skills and bring your dreams into reality. 

Plant Care in Fort Dodge

With our years of knowledge in horticulture, we are ready to cater to your trees’ and shrubs’ every need. Considering all they provide for us, like oxygen, shade, and privacy, it’s the least we can do for them. We provide a comprehensive tree and shrub care package with your needs in mind.

Our plant health care program includes:

  • Free shrub and tree inspections.
  • Deep root fertilization.
  • Insect and disease control, including the emerald ash borer insect and oak wilt.
  • Trimming and pruning.

Our trained staff and certified applicators are on call and ready to deliver personalized care to every tree and shrub on your property.

Lawn Pest Control in Fort Dodge

Worry no longer about unwanted bugs invading your home. We offer broad plans designed by experts in the field that can be adjusted to your needs. We are especially proud of our mosquito control plan, using two of the best products on the market that target every step of the mosquito life cycle to make sure they go and stay gone.

Smitty’s Perimeter Pest Control takes care of the following pests:

  • Ants.
  • Crickets.
  • Fleas.
  • Mites.
  • Spiders.
  • Hornets.
  • Cockroaches.
  • And so many more!

Our perimeter pest control treatment is a liquid insecticide sprayed outside your home, creating a strong shield to prevent unwanted visitors from coming or staying. We also provide a specific shield for fleas and ticks, protecting your yard for 60 days, and afterward, we come to reapply. Take back your yard today.

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