Garden Center

Award-Winning, Family-Owned Garden Center, That’s the Smitty’s Difference

Smitty’s Garden Center is an award-winning, family-owned gardeners haven, managed by gardening experts with green thumbs. Located in the heart of Fort Dodge, it was initially Eddies Greenhouse, a seasonal business with a high reputation for its quality annuals. Owner of Smitty’s Lawn and Landscape, Jon Baedke, purchased it in 2013. Today, Smitty’s Lawn and Landscape office sits right next to the Garden Center, creating a one-stop-shop for all your lawn and garden needs.

At Smitty’s Garden Center, we sell a variety of plants, vegetables, and garden tools and accessories. We have everything you need to help manage your outdoor landscaping. Unwanted weeds and insects got you down? We have the products and tools to help you manage those as well.

Smitty's Garden Center Is Your Must Stop Gardening Destination

At Smitty’s Garden Center, we pride ourselves on our great selection of annuals. Our knowledgeable staff starts preparing for spring in the middle of winter with a strict selection process. Our team’s daily care and focus make Smitty’s Greenhouse a must-stop destination for flower and vegetable gardens all across Iowa.

Unlike annuals, which die once the warm season is over, perennials return from year to year. When choosing perennials, it is important to select various plants with different bloom times to have color in your garden from spring to fall. Smitty’s Garden contains a variety of perennials to choose from to make your landscape pop.

Trees and Shrubs
Trees and shrubs are the lawn ornaments of your landscape. They add curbside appeal and increase the value of your home. Take your landscape to new heights with the variety of trees and shrubs Smitty’s Garden Center has to offer.

Garden Decor
Make a statement on your Fort Dodge front porch or outdoor patio! Your garden and outdoor property deserve a little extra personality. Smitty’s Garden Center offers many traditional and unique garden accessories waiting to make your landscape come alive with energy.

Stop in and Visit Us Today!

Stop in and visit us today and see what new plants, products, and garden decor we have to offer. The Garden Center’s hours change seasonally. Please visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date hours, or contact us at 515-955-2431. We are located at 7 S. 23rd St. in Fort Dodge. Our dedicated staff is on standby and ready to answer all your gardening and landscape questions. Have a question? Contact us now.

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